Jan 10

Foswiki delivers results.

In just 10 weeks, the Foswiki project has re-built the project infrastructure, fixed an additional 100 bugs over and beyond those we fixed in the TWiki source repository before the fork, moved to a new web application architecture (FSA) and undertaken a detailed security audit, fixing at their roots a large number of potential exploits.

Additionally, we already have the following easy installers:

    Windows Installer – I’ve built an installer using Apache 2.2 and Strawberry Perl, making it possible to install Perl dependencies.
    OSX Leopard installer – Matthias Wientapper has built an pkg
    Debian and Ubuntu linux – I’ve ported my TWiki package builder to Foswiki, and now have a live updated (nightly) Debian repository containing Foswiki v1.0.0 and 105 of the 109 Extensions uploaded to http://foswiki.org/Extensions
    Virtual machine image – Eugen Mayer has built a virtual machine, with detailed instructions for use with Virtual Box and VMWare.

So given the over 1800 commits in 10 weeks, a release, and much much more, It seems to me that Foswiki is a success..

Download Foswiki today!

3 Responses to “Foswiki delivers results.”

  1. jim.barber says:
    Out of interest, will there be a Debian package to help transition from TWiki to Foswiki?
    Or are there a set of instructions some where?
    I have Debian systems that are running TWiki 4.1.2 packages as well as systems running TWiki 4.2.3 packages.
  2. Sven Dowideit says:
    Initially, http://foswiki.org/System/UpgradeGuide#Copy_your_old_webs_to_new_Foswik is probably the best instructions available.

    I’m hoping to find time to write an ImportPlugin that you will be able to install and point to your existing Wiki, and have it ‘just go’.

  3. quilaho says:
    I’d just like to say “Thanks!”. After about a week of fighting TWiki to get the latest version installed, I ran across fosiki.com while looking for a more current Ubuntu package. I saw you were involved in both TWiki and Foswiki and said “Ok, so what is Foswiki all about?” (could we get a couple more wiki software packages to choose from, please?!?) After reading the split timeline, it was obvious why TWiki does not have a Debian / Ubuntu package manager / creator any more.

    So … of to try Foswiki … configure apt sources … do a get … and … bam … no mess, no fuss … I’m up and running!

    Thank you.

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