Sep 12

Foswiki Association founded!

Tag: foswiki,nextwiki,open source,twiki,twikiapplication,wikiSven Dowideit @ 10:06 am

To quote Jens Hansen:

On Wednesday the 09.09.2009 we came together for the initial Founding of the Foswiki Association. After four hours of meeting it was created – articles explained and agreed, iInitial board elected as well as signatures approved with the notary. Afterwards we took a beer and had some nice chats. I guess we will manage to upload some pictures during the weekend.

So now we have a non-profit entity that will hold the domains, trademarks and intellecual property, thus securing our open source identity from ‘startups’ like T(m)wiki inc.

Jens and the guys have been working hard ‘in the background’ to get this legal entity up and running, and we’ll be holding a full general assembly as soon as we can organise that too.

Meanwhile, we’re also working on a 1.0.7 and 1.1 release of foswiki – busy times.

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