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Sven Dowideit – Consulting Wiki Engineer

fosiki creates systems for gathering and reporting business Information and Intelligence using lessons learnt from the Wiki phenomenon.

We provide Businesses with enterprise level assurance, through software development, Issue resolution and Support Contracts.


Sven Dowideit has been developing and championing the use of application wiki’s (specifically TWiki and now Foswiki) in the workplace since 1998. I’ve written numerous open source and company specific Extensions, and have been one of the main contributors to the core codebase over that time.

In 2007 we focused on Releasing TWiki 4.2.0 including Windows, OSX and rpm based installers, and Trac and OpenID for TWiki

After a turbulent 2008, caused by unappreciated attention from the trademark holding marketing startup, the TWiki community and developers relaunched the project under the new name Foswiki – Free and Open Source Wiki.

2009&2010 is about mixing Social networks, Business Intelligence and Dashboarding concepts into an even more Data oriented Wiki – Foswiki 1.1 and 2.0.

Current and Previous Projects

We are creating active tools to bring Wikis into the less technical user group. Projects include:

Services we offer

  • bespoke Open and Closed source Wiki and Web Software customization
  • C/C++, Perl, Javascript, C# development
  • Support Contracts in conjunction with WikiRing Consultants
  • System installation and maintainance through advanced installation systems.
  • Configuration and build management systems
  • Innovation on demand.

Help support our Open Source work

Much of our work on TWiki, and other open source projects is done without client support, things such as the TWiki Builds, bug fixes, unit test work. If you’d like to support this work, please Make a Donation.

Sven Dowideit has been working in cross platform and Microsoft Windows C++ for almost 10 years, using Perl and Javascript and experience in Internet techologies to facilitate Team processes and communication. These days he works on core innovations in the Wiki and Web 2.0 sphere. foswiki is a founding member of the WikiRing partnership, created to be a international focal point for mixed mode Wiki’s.
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